Ayurveda was new to me, so all I heard was interesting. I think there is much in ayurveda that I can use in my life.

but…to be honest; I won´t be able to  follow the diet completely! I just have to eat red meat (+ red wine) sometimes, I can´t live without eggs etc.Your workshop was great, information mixed with exercises and team work…yes, I liked it!

I think it was good for us to participate in the workshop before the individual consultation. I hope to learn some more about ayurveda in september( 2014 ) !!

Ulla-Beth Mäki-Jussi​la

Owner – Emmes Retreat- Finland

I have been taking treatment from Dr.Siddhartha for some time and have seen a tremendous improvement. His medicines are indigenous and pure and are very effective. I have been recommending Dr.Siddhartha to my friends and family as I feel that they will also benefit from form his treatments.

Her Excellency Mrs.Pushpalata D. Patil
( First Lady of the State of Bihar – India )


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