( Panchkarma Therapy )

 All disease processes point to a crisis of “Ama” ( Undigested Juices )toxicity in the body. Panchkarma constitutes the foremost ShodhanChikitsa, or purification therapy, because it reverses the disease mechanisms which carry toxic waste products from the digestive tract into  the tissues of the body.Panchkarma inverts the movement of “Ama”, which takes place in the stages of the disease process. Panchkarma is designed to draw ama out of the dhatus( Tissues ), return it to the digestive tract and expel it from the body.

The uniqueness of this treatment

Panchkarma puts the attention on the patients, whereas all other therapies focus on the pathology and its symptoms. Panchkarma recognizes and uses the specific qualities of the patient’s physiological make-up to heal. It does not just treat diseased organs and tissues; it treats and manages doshas, the biological forces which carry “Ama” back and forth between the digestive tract and deeper body tissues.

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