About Us

‘SIDDHKALP’ The word means SIDDH – Blessed ; KALP – Medicine/Medical Preparation/Concotion

Dr. Siddharthadeshpan De
Our Vision  :

The group aims to achieve milestone in the field of Ayurveda and Wellness which others consider impossible.

The dynamic duo Dr. Siddhartha S. Deshpande and Dr. Kalpita S. Deshpande are wellness professionals with more than 15 years of experience and  have successfully treated more than 30 thousand patients with their ingeniously prepared  Herbal Medicines.

Both, Graduates in Ayurveda also possess a Masters in Business Administration .

The SIDDHKALP Group aims at spreading the awareness of Wellness and AYURVEDA to create a healthy world. Every individual has a right to live a healthy and long life and Siddhkalp Group help one to achieve that state.

Workshops, Seminars, Health Awareness Camps, and Lectures are conducted regularly by the Group across the Globe. Global associates include like minded  people and groups who work as a team and help us to achieve our aim.

The Group also aims to start the biggest ever Charitable Hospital in the World and the is fondly called the ‘Project Utopia’.

As the duo believes that living a healthy and long life is everyone’s right Dr. Siddhartha believes that ‘God not only makes us dream but he also gives us the power to make those dream come true’.

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